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Machina Arcana

Horror board game

A novel way of interacting with environment, inventory, combat mechanics, tactical and storytelling experience all connected in order to give you a complete immersion and replay value.

Enjoy the stunning art and dark visuals of the game, let yourself be entranced in the gripping story and peculiar events.


1 - 4 Players

Play solo, with your teammates, or even against them.

30-240Min Session

Enables short, long, or epic duration gameplays.

14+ Years

This game is not for kids.

Component Overview

The number of pieces and its corresponding text, details, and lore ensures
that every game session is a new experience on its own.

8 brave explorers
26 deadly monsters (over 4 levels)
150 steampunk items (over 3 levels)
35 immersive chapters (over 3 scenarios)
90 gripping events (horror and explorer events)

Tiles and Figures

5 map tiles (double sided)
3 endgame map tiles
1 chapter board
4 player boards
8 explorer figures
26 monster figures
34 plastic stands (black and white)


1 monster threat
1 monster level
2 spawn/horror ratings
2 exit/entry tokens
22 health tokens
12 explorer markers
6 stamina tokens
6 essence tokens
40 explored tokens
18 door tokens


3 white dice (d6)
3 black dice (d6)
1 game die (d10)
1 recharge die (d6)

Unique steampunk item combinations

Gripping story and peculiar events

Environment to interact with

Monsters that show no mercy

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