3rd edition changelog

Owners of the 2nd edition

The 2nd edition is fully compatible with the new content from the 3rd - there are no rule changes that you need to worry about.
Almost all the changes are made to make the game more easier to understand, and to help the new players with the learning curve.
Returning backers don't need a new Core box, but those that pledge for a new Core box will receive a substantial bonus in their pledge manager account.

Here is what to expect if you are a returning backer that pledged for a new Core box:

  • Kickstarter campaign ends
  • You receive a link to your pledge manager account in BackerKit
  • Kickstarter project update: "Returning backers' bonus applied"
  • The automated system will cross reference backers' email with the set of previous backers
  • If you are not easily found, I will get in touch with you to confirm the identity
  • Once your identity has been confirmed, the bonus will be applied to your pledge manager account


Component updates

Concept Change
Box New design (all sides)
Height increased by 4cm (1.6inches)
Manual Updated manual with lots of examples and explanations (no rule changes)
Download the draft version
Guidebook Added a new booklet that guides new players through first 5 game rounds
Download the draft version
Player Aid Added 4x leaflets with most important actions and game concepts
Download the draft version
Explored/light tokens Reduced by 2mm per each side
Added map tiles Added 3 double sided map tiles from the 2nd edition's Premium box
Map tiles The direction symbol in ALL the map tiles have a small letter (from A-Z) to differentiate between them

Errata (Color scheme of explorers match their auto-equip item type)

Name / Expansion New Old
Hank Horden
Blenda Warren
Jesse Monroe
Kim Richards

Errata ("Start a new round" - new effect)

Card New Old
5 - Return to Base (chapter HITI)
6 - The Clarion (chapter SOD)
7 - A Moment's Rest (chapter TB)
9 - Terminus (chapter TB)
4 - The Hall (chapter R)

Errata (Explicitly stating "nearest")

Card New Old
2 - Warped Corridors (chapter R)
Nightgaunt (monster)
Urhag (monster)
Ghast (monster R)
Rat-thing (monster R)
Holy symbol (item consumable GOTV)
Vacuum bomb (item consumable)
Circumnavigator (item artifact)
Doomleaper (item weapon)
Lure of the dark (horror event)
Reaching tentacles (horror event)

Errata (rewording of destroy explorer tokens, from "Recurrence" scenario)

Card New Old
Sam Fairbanks (explorer R)
Gunther Bergman (explorer R)
Ser Nikola Frankopan (explorer R)
Danai Kasumba (explorer R)

Errata (cosmetic changes)

Card New Old
Endgame (chapter HITI)
Endgame part 2 (chapter SOD)
2 - Chamber of Lore (chapter TB)
Spawn of Chthonian (monster)
Rhan-Tegoth (monster)
Deacon (monster)
Grotesque mask
Leather holster (item apparel)
Drill visor (item apparel)
Daedalian clasp (item apparel)
Weaponsmith's set (item weapon)
Flame thrower (item weapon)
Teleportabulus (item weapon)
Technogenic dynamo (item artifact)
Teleportalabrum (item artifact)
Phrenetic venom (item consumable)
Spectral aerostat (item consumable)
Charmed pouch (item consumable GOTV)
His house (horror event HITI)


Card New Old
Endgame part 1 (chapter SOD)
1 - Crown (chapter GOTV)
Artemis (explorer)
Danai Kasumba (explorer R)
Bokrug (monster R)
Elder Thing (monster)
Spawn of Oorn (monster)
Brass umbrella (item weapon)
Axxor (item weapon)
Long-ranged rifle (item weapon)
Flame thrower (item weapon)
Jet boots (item apparel)
Caligamuris (item apparel)
Spectral levitators (item apparel)
Spellbinder's hat (item apparel)
Twisting fate (item apparel)
Sanguivorous egg (item consumable)
Rotopod (item artifact)
Stygian pendant (item artifact)
Winding wasp (item consumable GOTV)
Candelabrum (item artifact GOTV)
Impaler (item weapon GOTV)
Ceiling collapses (horror event)
Telekinetic warp (explorer event TB)
Echoes of life (explorer event GOTV)

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