2nd edition changelog

Component updates

Concept Change
ALL CARDS updated graphic design; new card backs
ALL TOKENS new graphic design
Manual new manual
Monster cards new illustrations
Explorer cards new illustrations
Chapter cards new illustrations
Chapter cards card format increased (width is doubled)
Chapter cards all scenarios' chapter abilities are reworked
Items, and Events small number of changes in some of the cards' abilities
Howling mountain tile removed locations; new layout: Chapter board
Monster figures (cutouts) custom for each monster; size grows with monster level

Concept updates

Concept Change
Barriers removed
Drop item removed
Edge tokens removed
Item deck split over 4 item decks: weapon, apparel, artifact, consumable
Item deck added 60 new items (+18 artifacts, +21 consumables, +17 apparel, +4 weapons)
Horror markers added (for marking lasting effects)
Counted condition added (reworked from multiple condition concept of quest events)
Explorer permanent death added (also added game lose condition: all explorers are dead)
Monster permanent death added (if monster's level is lower than current Monster level)
Dead explorers control monsters added: Scheming monsters
Ethereal reworked (ethereal units can pass through units, and units may pass through ethereal units)
Diagonal movement reworked (units may move diagonally if destination space is in line of sight)
Quest chapters reworked: Blocking chapters
Quest events reworked: Binding events
Howling mountain tile reworked: Chapter board
Contributing explorers reworked: whenever explorer is using essence, others may contribute
"When you hit/kill/.." resolved even if item in question was not the one that triggered the ability
"Use inventory" effect reworked: as you resolve the effect, you may give any number of items to any adjacent explorers
"Use inventory" effect reworked: instead of resolving for yourself, you may resolve for adjacent explorer
"Gain item" effect reworked: added the condition dependant on explorer's class
Activating lit chapter space reduced: from 3 stamina, to 1 stamina
Current chapter, topmost destroyed explorer event Explorers may use active abilities from current chapter card, and topmost destroyed explorer event
Topmost destroyed horror event Monsters may use active abilities from topmost destroyed horror event
Destroyed spawn space has two explored tokens on top of it
Unequip item added new icon/cost on some of the item cards
Sacrifice added (new effect used on some of the cards)
Activating event space, or playing horror event added resolving effects (invoke explorer/horror event)

Name changes (components)

1st edition 2nd edition
Howling mountain tile Chapter board
Monster rating token Spawn rating token

Name changes (game phases)

1st edition 2nd edition
Explorer phase Explorer phase
Monster spawn Spawn phase
Horror phase Horror phase
Monster action Monster phase

Name changes (map elements)

1st edition 2nd edition
Trap space Trap lever
Recharge space Recharge station
Treasure space Chest
Monster spawn Spawn space

Ability / effect updates

1) In 1st edition items and units had: active, and passive abilities. While events and chapters had: "standard", ongoing, and quest abilities.
In 2nd edition all game components use the same system: active, passive, and "enters play" abilities.

2) Errata across all the game components to patch the ability, or make the text more easier to understand.

Manual versions

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